5 Credits Additional (High School Equivalency Diploma)

(Credits at the 30 Level)

This is a Credential Requirement implemented as code value 5CreditsAdditional-81720 (Credential Requirement).

Credential Requirement Details

Additional 30 Level Course(s) – 5 CreditsThe student has been awarded 5 credits through their Official Marks in eligible 30 level courses as specified by Alberta Education.

Credential Requirement Achievement Messages

Achievement CriteriaEnglish Achievement MessageFrench Achievement Message

The student has five credits or more in 30 level course(s). Note that there are some 30 level courses that are only awarded three credits.

This is determined by:

  • finding all course codes with an Intended Grade Level = ‘12’
  • This excludes the courses specified in credential requirement English-81720
  • Excludes the following courses1):
    • AEC9994
    • AEC9995
    • AEC9996
    • AEC9997
    • ELA0333
    • ELA3001
    • ELA3002
    • ELA3003
    • ELA3011
    • ELA3012
    • ELA3013
    • ELA3100
    • ELA3104
    • ELA3105
    • ELA3115
    • ELA3900
    • ELA3915
    • IOP3119
    • KAE3780
    • LDC3108
    • LDC3110
    • LDC3221
    • UCR9998
{Credits Awarded} credits awarded{credits} crédits attribués
Not Achieved
The student has less than five credits in 30 level course(s).
{Credits Awarded} credits awarded{credits} crédits attribués
Not Achieved
The student does not have any credits 30 level course(s).
No credits awarded for a relevant courseAucun crédit pour cours pertinent attribué.

Credential Requirement Achievement Management

Only the system can set the achievement of this requirement.

PASI Core SecurityPASIprep SecurityIs System Updateable

Credential Requirement Exemption Management