Active Credential Number

Only 1 credential number may be “active” for a student and credential type. The “active” credential number will always be the most recent undeleted credential number for a student & credential type.

Over time a student may have multiple credential numbers awarded to them for a particular Credential Type (e.g., a credential is awarded to a student and the re-issued due to a name change), however, only the most recently awarded, undeleted credential number is considered to be the active (or valid) credential number for that student and credential type.

  • If the most recently awarded credential number for a student and credential type is deleted, that student is considered to have no active credential number for that credential type.
  • If a student has a current student awarded credential record that is not deleted, this is considered to be ‘Awarded’.
  • If the student has either no student awarded credential record OR has a deleted current student awarded credential record, they are considered to be Not Awarded.

Known constraint: Where a user awards a student with a credential and then mistakenly re-issues a new credential number, this will archive the originally awarded credential number. In this case, the user cannot re-instate the previous version of credential number. The user would need to award a new number entirely to the student to create a new credential “baseline”. This has been discussed with the TAD and SEAM teams and they understand the risk; This scenario should occur very rarely.