Code Value

Code values are used to ensure that the value within a field is from a specified list of allowable values.

Code values are organized into Code Classes. A code class typically contains all the possible code values for a defined data element, but can be used to support multiple data elements.


To define a code value, the following attributes must be specified:

Attribute Name Description
Code Text This is the value that PASI and other systems will use to reference the code value.
Short Description This is typically what is displayed in a user interface to represent the code value.
Long Description This is a description of the code value, typically outlining more information about when to use the code value.
Short Description in French When a code value is used in myPass, the short and long descriptions need to be translated into French.
Long Description in French
First School Year When a code value is used in a record associated to a school year, the first and last school year attributes can be used to limit the school years in which a code value is allowed.
Last School Year
Sequence Typically, when presented in a user interface, code values are sorted alphabetically based on the Short Description. If that is not an appropriate order, a sequence can be specified the specific order to use for sorting the values. Unless otherwise specified, code values are sorted by Sequence, and the alphabetically.
Database Value Within the PASI database, the code text is not typically used. Instead an integer value is assigned to each code, and this integer value is used within the PASI database.