Get Accepted Registration Status (2019 End Point and prior)

The Get Accepted Registration Statuses service can be used for two purposes:

  • To determine which Registration Statuses are accepted for a specified School Year, or
  • To determine School Years are being accepted by PASI, and the associated Registration Statuses for those school years.

Note: This functionality is not applicable on 2019 end points and has been removed from the 2020 endpoint.

Request Information

Information provided as part of the Get Accepted Registration Statuses request may contain a specific School Year identifying which school year should be returned in the response. If not specified, the response will contain the accepted registration statuses for all school years currently being accepted by PASI.

Request Validations

There are no validations performed on the service request.

Service Functionality

The accepted Registration Status codes for the requested school year(s) are identified and returned in the response. For more information see Accepted Registration Statuses.

Response Information

The response will contain a list of the accepted registration statuses for each school year returned. When requesting accepted registration statuses for a year in which PASI does not accepting any registration statuses, an empty list of statuses will be returned.