Get Code Value Relationships

This service provides the PASI Client with the correct mapping of all non-deleted, approved Parent Child Code Value relationships and is effective as of the 2020 End Point.


This service can be accessed by users with the following security role(s):

Request Information

No parameters

Service Functionality

Caller will be provided a list of the approved parent child relationships over the GetCodeValueRelationships Service. As of this release the only code relationships that will be returned are those with a parent CodeClassName of HasResponsibleSchool and a Child CodeClassName of Transition Reason. This can be extended in the future as needed.

Response Information

Data returned by this service will be based on the already established code value relationships in PASI which defines a Parent Child relationship between parent code values HasResponsibleSchool and child code values TransitionReason. A successful response to this service will include the following:

  • CodeClassRelationships
  • CodeClassRelationship
    • Parent
      • CodeClassName
      • CodeText
  • Child
    • CodeClassName
    • CodeText

This structure will provide the most flexibility moving forward as it will allow the service to be extended to include additional code relationships as they become approved and tested.

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