Get GED Exam Mark

This service is used to retrieve Exam Marks from PASI Core. This service can be used to:

  1. Retrieve information about an GED Exam Mark from the PASI Core, and
  2. Obtain updates about a GED Exam Mark from the PASI Core as part of the data synchronization processes.

This service can be used to get a single record or a list of records.

Normally this service is to be used during the data synchronization process as described by the Data Synchronization Services document. The IsDataAvailable service operation is used to determine if there are any GED Exam Mark changes that the PASI client is interested in. The PASI client could then call this service to return those changes.


The Get GED Exam Mark service can be accessed by systems with the View Transcript User role.

Request Information

A request to use this service will include list of Reference IDs for the all Exam Mark records being requested with each item in the list containing (* denotes mandatory information):

  • GED Exam Mark Reference ID*
  • Expected Version

Validation Rules

The GED Exam Mark Reference IDs provided in the request are validated and the result is returned in the Response Status:

  • Unknown if the GED Exam Mark Reference ID provided is unknown in the PASI Core;
  • No Access if the PASI Client does not have access


Information for each of the GED Exam Mark records identified in the request will be retrieved from the PASI Core and returned in the response.

If a list of records has been requested, they will be processed in the order provided. If the Expected Version is provided, the GED Exam Mark will only be returned if the version of the record in PASI is or equal to the Expected Version. If the version in PASI is greater than the Expected Version, the Exam Mark will not be returned, and no further records will be returned.

The service will return responses on GED Exam Marks for students associated to the PASI Client via Recent School Enrolment or better. The service will also return GED Exam Mark records where the student is associated to the PASI Client by Exam Registration. Association by Exam Registration will only allow the PASI Client to see exam marks (with a status of Registered) where the exam is being written at the PASI Client’s Writing Centre.

Association by Exam Registration expires on the Writing Date of the exam so the associated PASIClient will not see the Mark Value.

Response Information

A successful response to this service will include a list of GED Exam Mark records each containing:

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