Get Source Document Type Quality Values

This service provides a mechanism that allows the PASI Client to request a refresh of the Source Document Quality values that are related to the Source Document Type code values stored within PASI Core.


This service can be accessed by systems with the Hello World User role. Essentially any system that can access PASI Core can utilize this service.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service:

  • Last Known Source Version

Request Validations

There are no validations performed on the service request

Service Functionality

If a non-zero Last Known Source Version is specified, then a non-empty result will be returned if and only if there is at least one code value that has a newer PASI Core Version than the Last Known Source Version. If a zero Last Known Source Version is specified then a result is always returned. If a result is returned then it is a full result. There is no additional filtering of the results.

Response Information

The structure of the response has been modeled after the xml structure that was in the previously used the SourceDocumentTypeList.xml with some additions. A successful response to this service will include a list of Source Document Types code types. With each code type including the following (* denotes mandatory information):

  • Source Document Quality *
  • Code Text*
  • PASICoreVersion*

The response will be sorted by Source Document Quality and then by Source Document Types. PASICoreVersion is from the code relationship.

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