PASI Settings - Edit PAT Result ISP Footer - French Text

This is used by specific PASIprep users to manage the data that will be displayed on the PAT Result ISP Report Footer – French Text section.

Data Fields

Field Name Description
ISP Report Footer (French Text) The user may insert any number of blank lines. This allows the user to visually separate lines with one or more blank lines. The user can enter a maximum of 1000 characters in the “French Page Footer” text box
# / 1000This field is displayed at the bottom of the ‘French Page Footer’ text box to the right. Each time the user types a character into the text box the (# of characters) increases by an increment of 1 out of 1000.

To display text as a hyperlink, the content will be included in double square brackets “" "”, similar to Wiki syntax:

  • [[]]: Will create a link with text that matches
  • [[|Click Here]]: Will create a link with the text “Click Here”.
  • [[|Click Here|More Stuff]]: Will have same output as the previous example (More Stuff is ignored). We don’t anticipate the need to put “|” as link text, and we think it’s a reasonable constraint to not support this in a link, either.
  • [[]]: Will output nothing.
  • Leading and trailing whitespace for the link or anchor text will be trimmed.
  • Other more complex cases have been left as undefined with the only requirement that it not be possible to break the myPass Welcome Page with anything that can be put here. As before: HTML entities are escaped to avoid undesirable inputs from changing the pages behavior (i.e. script injection).
Control Processing
PAT Result ISP Report Footer (French Text)Not editable if the user does not have level 36 permission.
Default to the current text. This may be blank in the event that there is no text.
If the user updates the text without clicking the save button and navigates to another tab, when they return the screen returns to the current text and the users updates are lost.
Edit buttonHidden when the user does not have level 36 permission.
Visible by default. Clicking the button will open an overlay dialog and give the user the ability to modify the message.
The Edit button will be hidden and the Cancel & Save buttons will become visible.
Save buttonNot visible by default. Clicking the button will update PASI with the text in the text area.
Cancel buttonNot visible by default. Clicking the button will close the overlay dialog without saving any changes.

Secured By

With PASIprep Level 36 Permission - Manage myPass Settings and belonging to the O.1 organization users will be able to manage the PAT Result ISP Footer page.