The first time a user logs into PASIprep they are presented with a end-user agreement that they must accept.

The following is the content of the agreement:

Terms of User Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before you proceed.

This is a legal agreement between you (“User”) and His Majesty the King in right of Alberta (“Alberta Education”) governing your use of the extranet application to access the Provincial Approach to Student Information (“PASIprep”).

The User:

  1. must ensure any information they post using PASIprep is accurate and complete,
  2. must not disclose any information obtained using PASIprep to any person who is not duly authorized to receive it,
  3. may only use information obtained using PASIprep to carry out their authorized employment responsibilities,
  4. must keep secure and confidential their passwords and login information and must inform Alberta Education of any known or suspected unauthorized use of or access to PASIprep,
  5. acknowledges that all data posted using PASIprep is subject to audit,
  6. acknowledges that all data posted using PASIprep belongs solely to Alberta Education,
  7. acknowledges that PASIprep may, at times, not be accessible for various reasons, including system maintenance, and Alberta Education does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use, accuracy, timelines, applicability, performance, security, availability or reliability of PASIprep,
  8. this agreement shall be interpreted and applied in the courts, and according to the laws in force, in the Province of Alberta.

By clicking Accept below the User agrees to be bound by this agreement.


updates to follow – F 13413