Rule 40625 - Invalid Course Code for GED Exam Mark

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data

This rule is used to validate the following data in a GED Exam Mark record:

To perform this validation, the following information is used:


The GED Exam Mark Course Code must be a valid GED Exam Course code.

Effective Period

  • This validation rule is in effect for all school years.

Additional Notes

This rule should ensure that the Course Code submitted is a valid GED Course code as defined by the 'GED' Course Evaluation Method.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Invalid Exam Course Code. The Exam Course Code provided ({Course Code} is not a General Educational Development Exam Course.

Applies To

Change History

  • Release 4.11 – Proposed
  • Release 7.12 F9500 Updated