Upcoming myPass Connections Expiry Notification

This background processor sends a myPass message and PED Notification to the student to inform them when a Parent/Gaurdian or an Authorized user myPass Connection is going to expire within next 2 weeks.

Refer to PED Integration for details on the methods (API's) used to facilitate these notifications.

The following are the two message templates that are used by this background processor to notify students:

Information Consumed

Uses the following information to do its processing:

Additional details

This background Process runs once a day at start up in PROD environment. The class name is ExpiringConnectionsProcess, and the config setting is Core.ExpiringConnectionsJobEnabled.

It has an optional testing parameter of Core.ExpiringConnectionsTesting which sets the processor to run at the xx:30 and xx:00 times from 9:00 to 18:00.

Processing Logic

This following criteria is applied to identify students:

For Each identified myPass connection that is about to expire, send the following message to the student: