BaseRole.StudentRecords PASIprep User Role

This role provides the user with the following PASIprep Permissions:

From the business perspective, users assigned to this role are able to do the following:

  • View and Manage Student Personal and Enrolment Information
  • View and Manage Student Notes
  • View and Manage Disclosure Restrictions
  • Manage ASN Status
  • Manage Student Connections
  • View, Manage and Approve Courses and Marks Information
  • View and Manage Diploma Exam Registrations
  • View and Manage Exam Sittings
  • View and Manage GED Exam Marks and Exam Registrations
  • View and Manage Credential eligibility (incl. External Credentials)
  • Submit Credential Requirement Achievements
  • Submit and Approve Credential Requirement Exemption Requests
  • View and Manage Document Order Items
  • View and Manage Payment Items
  • View Student Fee Coupons
  • View PASI Usage Agreements
  • Manage Student Hold Information
  • View PASI Processing Status
  • Upload School Enrolment SIS, SCM, GED and DER Files
  • View and Manage Student Documents, Student Documents QA, and Student Document Submissions
  • Ministry Synchronization
  • View Digital Transcript Consumers
  • View and Manage Medical Alerts
  • View PAT Results
  • View and Manage GED Writing Centres
  • View Letter Template
  • View and Manage the Organization Email Notification Override
  • View Diploma Official Mark Blend Weights
  • View Documents Eligible for Disposal
  • Manage Documents Eligible for Disposal
  • List Operational Reports

Business Areas

The following business areas have user(s) assigned this role: