CALM (Alberta High School Diploma)

This is a Credential Requirement implemented as code value CALM-81160 (Credential Requirement).

Credential Requirement Details

Career And Life Management - 3 CreditsThe student has been awarded 3 credits in Career And Life Management.

Credential Requirement Achievement Messages

Achievement CriteriaEnglish Achievement MessageFrench Achievement Message
Achieved (Not Mature)
The student has credit for a CALM official mark.
Check the Credential Requirement Course Mapping table for valid CALM course codes.
{Credits Awarded} credits awarded.{X} crédits attribués

Achieved (Mature Student – Credit Not Awarded)
The student:

  • Has privileges due to the granting of mature status1), and
  • The student does not have a CALM official mark with credit.

Students that meet the criteria are not required to achieve the CALM-81160 requirement.

Student has been granted privileges of mature status.L’élève reçoit les privilèges des élèves adultes.
Achieved (Mature Student – Credit Awarded)
The student has a credit for a CALM official mark and are considered mature, see above.
{Credits Awarded} credits awarded.{X} crédits attribués
Not Achieved
The student does not have a 20 level CALM official mark.
No credits awarded for a relevant course.Aucun crédit pour cours pertinent attribué.

Credential Requirement Achievement Management

Only the system can set the achievement of this requirement.

PASI Core SecurityPASIprep SecurityIs System Updateable

Credential Requirement Exemption Management

See Mature Student Status for a full definition