PASIprep Dialog - Custom

This is a Dialog Template for the PASIprep UI Guidelines.

A custom dialog are complex dialog that requires larger area for content and/or user interactions.

They may contain a PASIprep Business Object Grid or a value list to present the content.

Note that custom dialogs should be used sparingly in PASIprep as the preferred method to display larger sets of data or fields is through a page (using one of the page content templates.)

Note: Custom dialogs will never have a breadcrumb

Note: Custom dialogs will never have a permalink URL. Any attempt to bookmark the URL when the dialog is showing will result in the previous page's URL being book marked.

Button Style

Buttons should use the style defined in the Visual Guidelines of the PASIprep UI Guidelines

Layout of Find Dialogs

The Angular Material Dialog should be used with the GOA UI Library colours:

  • Dialog Title Bar: Green background with gray text.

These dialogs should mimic the layout of the “Custom dialog” in the Angular Material dialog demo, without the top right corner [x] button to close the dialog (user cannot dismiss the dialog by clicking outside the dialog either).

Action Button Bar

Action buttons should be displayed in the persistent footer bar.

  • The primary action button should be the rightmost button
  • A “Cancel” or “Close” button must be provided. Pressing this button will return the user back what they were viewing prior to this view (which generally results in closing of the dialog to return user to the view)

Note: This type of dialog cannot be dismissed by clicking outside of the dialog.