ECMI (Enterprise Course and Mark Inquiry)

The ECMI (Enterprise Course and Mark Inquiry) is the system that connects Advanced Education (AE)1) systems to PASI.

There are two distinct integration points of integration within Advanced Education, where both were migrations of existing processes from previous mainframe solutions to integration with PASI.

First, is to provide Advanced Educationthe ability to identify proof a SIAMS user based on course mark information entered by the user. PASI will validate whether based on the information provided if the user is the specific Student identified by the data. PASI will return a success or failure for each validation request, and in some cases will return any relevant processing errors.

The second integration is to provide IAE the ability to request and retrieve transcripts for Students. Advanced Education will be able to create a transcript request on a Student by Student basis, and subsequently be able to request those transcripts for retrieval. The transcripts can be delivered to Advanced Education in either a PDF format or in a PASI XML format.

SIAMS Integration – Identify Proofing

The integration for SIAMS identity proofing will permit Advanced Education systems to send Student Information (ASN, School Code, Course Code, and Official Marks) to PASI to validate if the information provided belongs to the Student ASN submitted. If it does the user is validated, if it does not the user is not validated, and the result is returned to SIAMS.

This integration is being completed as the current identity proofing process for SIAMS relies upon Student Mark information for Students and PASI is becoming the source for Student Official Marks with the PASI Phase 4 Release. For more information see Validate Student by Marks.

Transcript Request and Retrieval Integration

This integration for transcripts will permit Advanced Education to request transcripts and subsequently retrieve them via a PDF or XML file for their internal processing.

Advanced Education Clients will be able to call a PASI service identifying a Student for whom they wish to request a transcript. This request once validated will create a Document Order that will be processed by PASI to create a deliverable transcript for the Student. Advanced Education will then subsequently retrieve their requested transcript once available. The delivery document will either be an unofficial transcript PDF for viewing, or an unofficial transcript XML file for Advanced Education processing.

NOTE: Advanced Education (AE) was formerly named Innovation and Advanced Education (IAE).