Edit GED Writing Centre

The purpose of for this functionality is to edit GED Writing Centre record.

* Template used by this screen PASIprep Edit Item Template

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Browser Title Edit GED Writing Centre - PASIprep
Page Title Edit GED Writing Centre
Subtitle N/A
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Access Rules

Processing for SAVE

When selected, this action will update the selected record.

The user will then be directed to a screen according to Navigation Behavioral Patterns for Edit Screens.

Validation Rules


Processing for CANCEL

* The user will be returned back to the page they were on prior to this page as per PASIprep UI Guidelines.

Data Fields

Asterisk indicates mandatory field The following fields are on this screen:

Field Description Field Format
Writing Centre*School that is the GED Writing Centre. String
GED Writing Centre Site Number*Site Number of the GED Writing Centre. String
GED Jurisdiction Code*defaults to Alberta. dropdownString
Mapped to Authority Displays Authority based on selected Writing Centre School Code.read only
Effective Date*The date when the GED Writing Centre is effective.String
Expiry DateThe date when the GED Writing Centre has expired.String
GED Reference IDThe unique reference ID.read only

Content History

  • Release 9.11 Feature 10820 - added