Expire Exam Registration Request Processor

This scheduled process closes any ‘abandoned’ Diploma Exam Registration Requests that has expired – this includes looking for exam registration requests that has expired and deleting all Exam Mark records created for the request.

  • The processor will execute every 5 minutes in all environments.
  • The processor can be enabled or disabled in the web.confg with the configuration setting Core.ExamRegistrationRequestExpiryEnabled.

Information Consumed

The Expire Exam Registration Request task uses the following information to do its processing:

Processing Rules

For each Request where the expiry date/time is in the past, the request will be deleted, along with all associated Exam Registration Fee records, and all associated Exam Mark (Registration) records and their Component Mark children records.

  • The Submit Diploma Exam Registration Request service is called for each Request with the IsDeleted property set to true.
    • The service will ensure that all child objects will be properly deleted and cleaned up.

Information Produced

Any Request that has expired will be properly deleted as a result of this task.

Performance Counters

  • DiplomaExamRegistrationExpiryProcess.Periodic Expire Exam Registration Request Process
    • Stopwatch which will begin timing from the point the expiry process begins for all expired request currently available and stop once the entire batch has completed. (Total time for the process to complete for all requests)
  • DiplomaExamRegistrationExpiryProcess.Process ExpiredExamRegistrationRequest
    • Stopwatch which will time the expiry process for each individual expired exam registration request. (Total time for each individual request to be processed)