Expire Parent/Guardian records Background Processor

When a student changes school, the new school may or may not manage the student’s Parent/Guardian records using PASIprep. This background processor will ensure that Parent/Guardian records will automatically expire when a student changes schools to ensure the Parent/Guardian information is vetted by the new school. As the Parent/Guardian myPass connections expiry is directly dependent on Parent/Guardian records, this background processor will ensure we expire the Parent/Guardian records until the new school has reviewed the Parent/Guardian information.

Information Consumed

Uses the following information to do its processing:

Additional details

This background Process runs once a day at start up in PROD environment. The configuration setting is ParentGuardianExpiryEnabled.

The following are the additional details around this processor:

  • If there is no Registration Exit Date specified for a Student School Enrolment, then derived exit date logic is used for the calculation.
  • If the last user that updated the Parent/Guardian record is O.1, then the Guardian business object record will not be expired. Ideally, O.1 users will not be managing Parent/Guardian data in PASI.
  • If the last user to update the Parent/Guardian record was an Authority, then check to see if the selected School enrolments belong to the same Authority.
  • If the student has multiple School Enrolments that has the Registration Exit Date in future than check is done to ensure the Parent/Guardian records are managed by at least one of these schools.
    • If it does match, no change is required.
    • If it does match either of these schools, then expire the parent/guardian records (i.e. Parent/Guardian Expiry Date Override = Current date - 1 day).

Processing Logic

If the student has a Student School Enrolment where Registration Exit Date >= the current date and the student has non-deleted, non-expired Parent/Guardian records, then for each Parent/Guardian record;