myPass User Interface Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to outline guidelines for screens in myPass. There are always exceptions to the rule so these are just meant as guidelines and should be reviewed in the context of the functionality being built.


The high-level goals and desired outcomes for myPass are:

  • Accessible through many devices (desktop, mobile, handheld)

Note: This is almost more important than what is being accessed. It is very important how the solution works on mobile/handheld devices.

  • Maximize the capabilities available to the student
  • Able to produce and share information using a mechanism that is secure and can be trusted externally (e.g. secured PDF documents)
  • Access to the student information on myPass is secured to an authorized person (Student)
  • Able to replicate existing services that are currently offered?
  • Provide a mechanism for the maintenance of personal information for students that are 18 or declared independent

Note: If the student does not meet the conditions above, then student information management is the responsibility of the school and not available from the myPass

  • All current self-service options available that provide ways for the student to manage their record will be offered/supported through myPass

UI Review Process

As new functionality for PASIprep is being developed the following steps should be taken in order to ensure that the new function is taking the guidelines into consideration.

Review Stages

The following is the review stages of the user interface guidelines:

  1. Business Analyst (BA) Peer Review of Design
  2. Mock Ups, prior to implementation, should be reviewed by UI Review group
  3. Screen Shots Once the developer has built the screen to a presentable level and has reviewed it with the BA responsible for the requirements document should be reviewed by the UI Review group

Review Feedback

If recommendations are discovered at stage 1 then the BA will make the necessary changes. When mock ups or screens shots are sent to the UI Review group the Project Manager (Tu), Lead BA (Bryon), and Technical Lead (Mike) will be cc’d. Any recommendations coming from the UI Review group will be communicated so that an impact analysis can be performed prior to making the change to confirm that the changes should be made to the design, implementation or both.

PASIprep User Interface Guidelines & PASI Data Format Guidelines

All the user interface guidelines that are in the PASIprep UI Guidelines document, except those that are specific to Silverlight, will apply to myPass. For data display formats, refer to the Data Format Guidelines. In particular, the PASIprep and PASI Data Format guidelines regarding the following will apply and are not repeated in this document:

  • Preferred Spellings,
  • Data Display Formats,
  • Default Sorting

In the event that the user interface guidelines for myPass deviate from PASIprep and Data Format guidelines, then this set of guidelines will highlight the exception and the reasons why. You should consider the PASIprep User Interface Guidelines and PASI Data Format as the core document and the myPass User Interface Guidelines as a supplement.