Rule 65123 - Document Submission Zip File Must contain a PDF

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data

This rule is used to validate:


Within PASI, users can only load a Document Submission that contains at least one PDF in the ZIP file.

Additional Notes

If the user is loading a document submission that does not contain a PDF in the ZIP file, the Document Submission will be rejected.

Note: No record is created in the document submission table as the document submission does not contain a PDF in the ZIP file. Only the validation error is returned to the user on the PASIprep screen.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Document Submission ZIP file must contain a PDF. A document submission ZIP file must contain at least one (1) PDF, please load a ZIP file that contains a PDF.

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Change History

  • Release 7.01 (F7117) - Created

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