Rule 70003 - Duplicate of an Existing Request

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data


This validation will fail if there is a document order for a transcript that already exists that was created from a previous transcript request (not created in myPass).

We consider the request a duplicate when:

  • its for the same student,
  • on the same Control Schedule,
  • for the same institution (Requesting Institution Id and RecipientClientID),
  • with the same Transcript Purpose, and
  • where the document order item status is a status of “Ordered” or “Processed”.

Note: The rule will always pass if the control schedule is undefined. Also, a request with no Transcript Purpose is considered unique when compared to a request with a Transcript Purpose. Two requests without Transcript Purpose’s are duplicates.

Additional Notes

This rule has the similar logic as rule 60304.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Duplicate Transcript Request. A transcript request {ExistingTranscriptRequestID} has already been received for this ASN {ASN}, Session {Session Designator}, Institution {RequestInstituionIdentifier}, and Purpose {TranscriptPurpose}.


  • {ExistingTranscriptRequestID} = The first Transcript RequestID
  • {Session Designator} = The duplicate Session Designator
  • {RequestInstituionIdentifier = The duplicate Request Instituion Identifier
  • {TranscriptPurpose} = The duplicate Transcript Purpose

Applies To

This rule applies to:

Change History

  • Release 5.01 - Created
  • Release 7.00 - Updated as per F7047
  • Release 7.06 - Updated to include a consideration for the Transcript Purpose (F7925)

Upcoming Changes

The following changes are expected to be implemented in an upcoming release (or include the release # if known).

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