Service Request Volumes Report

The Service Request Volumes Report is one of the PASI Nightly Reports and is responsible for summarizing the number of service calls made by integrated solutions.

This report is produced everyday at 6:00 am and results in a report being generated and distributed via email.

Generated Email

Sent To
Subject PASI Monitor: Service Request Volumes for YYYY-MM-DD [Contains Records / No Records]

This report is produced daily by PASI.Monitor running on {Server}.
Data Source={Connection String}

Email Attachment

Attached to the email is a Microsoft Excel file that contains a summary of the service volumes received.

Authority Code Contains the Parent Organization of the PASI Client.
Service Operation Name Contains the Service called by the PASI Client.
Count Contains the number of times the service was called.
Calling Organization Code Contains the Organization submitted in the request.
PASI Client ID Contains the internal identifier of the PASI Client.
PASI Client Name Contains the Name of the PASI Client.