Student Credential Requirement Processor

This background process is used to persist in the PASI database, the Student Credential Requirement achievements for all students.

To reduce the risk of impacting performance to the transcript processor, this background process will only run once a day (nightly).

Only students that have had changes to their credential eligibility since the last time their credential requirement achievements were persisted will be processed.

Previously PASI did not persist the achievement of credential requirements, but instead, calculated the achievement on the fly. By persisting the achievements in the database, this facilitates future analysis of changes to requirements and requirement sets.

Although this information will now be persisted, the primary usage of this data will be for analysis purposes.

Primary and Secondary Students

The credential requirement achievements are only captured for primary students. Any triggers for secondary or deactivated students are ignored. Similar to official marks and credential requirement set achievements, credential requirement achievements for secondary or deactivated students do not make sense.

Credential requirement achievements persisted for a student are neither deleted nor updated once an ASN is linked to a Primary ASN.

If analysis of a student's credential requirement achievement is required, any data for secondary or deactivated students should be ignored.


The following new configuration settings control the “credential requirement snapshot” process. Changing a setting requires PASI Core to be restarted.


The background process that saves the credential requirements will only run if this setting is true. None of the other settings have any impact unless this setting is true.


If true the background process will run every day every 15 minutes from 9 am to 6 pm approximately on the hour. If false the background process will run every day at 4 am.


The batch size determines the number of students that will be processed as a group. The number of threads used is the same as setup for transcript processing. The batch size determines the number of students whose data will be submitted to the database in a single transaction.


This setting determines how frequently a performance entry will be logged to the event log. If the process takes longer than this value at least once performance entry will be logged to the event log. It was not designed to capture all data that was processed (for example the last batch or set of batches may not be captured at all.) It was designed to save performance data at approximate periodic intervals and give a general sense of performance. It will not flood the event log (unless this setting has a really low value) or rely on the health page.