User Access List

The User Access List provides a list of authorized users from a user’s organization. For each authorized non O.1 user, the User Access List identifies the following information for the users with the user's authority/school:

  • Organization
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • PASI Security Roles

This list is provided by using the Role Report functionality provided by PAS.

PASIprep provides a menu item called “User Access List” under the Admin menu.

Secured By

The following is required to see and access the Review User Access List function in the Actions Toolbar.

  • User is not O.1

Usage of the Menu Item

When this menu item is selected a new browser window should be opened with the following URL:


  • {roleIdList} is a comma delimited list of the roles that the role report should display.
    The following should be used “roleIdList=1029,1028,1030,1027,1026”.
  • {org} is the org that will be used to display the report. Should match what the PASIprep user is logged in as. As an example: “org=A.7020” or “org=S.2556“

As background information each of the role ids are the primary key of the role in PAS. Here is the mapping of the id to the role:


There is a google event that is tracked when the user selects the menu item. See Tracked Admin Events for full detail.