View Student Information (myPass)

Connected students and 3rd party users on myPass will have the capability to view a Student’s information on MyPass. Once a user’s Education Account is connected to a student, they can visit myPass and view:

  • Student’s personal / demographic information
    • A Detailed Report containing student’s course and marks history
    • Diploma Exam Results Statement for Student’s Diploma Exam Sessions
  • List of Ordered Documents:
    • Alberta High School Transcripts
    • Credentials
    • Self-Service Sign-up Letters
    • Express Sign-up Letters
  • List of Credentials that student:
    • Has been awarded with, or
    • Has achieved, or
    • Is in the process of achieving
  • List of who can and who has accessed the student's information:
    • myPass connections to student information,
    • Special requests for information
      • One-time access to Detailed Academic Report without a school enrolment,
      • One-time access to Student Record




WebGuard is a collection of libraries (DLLs) and a login web site that provides authentication information to consuming applications. Authentication is the act of validating credentials against some known information about the credentials. Authorization is defined as the act of deciding whether or not some user has access to something. Authorization will be performed by the consumer application (e.g. PASI).

Education Account

Refers to a user that is accessing, or wants to access, MyPass from the internet using a valid and authenticated WebGuard User account. This is the public facing term for a WebGuard User Account.

Student Connection

Refers to a link between an Education Account and a Student’s Record in PASI. A student connection can be requested by the student, or someone associated to the student (e.g. a parent); the former is referred to as a “Self” Connection while the latter is a “3rd party” Connection. MyPass will only allow a user to view information from a Student’s Record when there is an Active Student Connection between the user’s Education Account and the Student’s Record.

Diploma Exam Results Statement

The Diploma Exam Results Statement is a document used to notify students of their Diploma Exam marks for a recent Exam Period, as well as the Exam marks’ effects on their Official Marks. Only students who have any Diploma Exam activity will receive a statement for that Exam period. The statement is not meant to show the student’s full history of marks – it is meant to communicate Diploma Exam marks for a recent Exam Period once they have been processed and released by Assessment.

Detailed Academic Report (DAR)

The Detailed Academic Report is a document which lists full information for all courses on student records at the point in time.

Student Record Access Request

Refers to the Student Record Access Request for information for access to a student's record. The information provides details around the approval of the request.

Primary Scenario #1 - View Student Information

This scenario begins after a connected student or 3rd party user has decided that they wish to look at the information that the Ministry has stored within PASI. The following steps describe how the Student would do this:

1. The Connected user logs into myPass using their Education Account

2. myPass displays the homepage; the Connected User selects the information they are interested in viewing, which includes:

  • The Detailed Academic Report, for Course and Marks History
  • Diploma Exam Registrations and Results Statements
  • View Credentials, for a list of Credentials student has been (or is in the process of being) achieved or awarded with
  • Student Personal Information
  • Order History (including but not limited to Alberta High School Transcripts and Credentials)
    • Student Connections
    • Detailed Academic Reports accessed without a school enrolment
    • Student Record Access Requests
  • Information is presented for one student at a time
  • When the Connected user is the student, their student’s record will be presented by default
  • Otherwise, the first student connection’s record (sorted alphabetically) will be presented to the Connected User be default

3. The Connected user views the information for the student presented

This scenario ends with the Connected user viewing the information for the student displayed by default.

Alternate Scenario #1 - View Other Connection's Information

This scenario begins from Step 3 of the Primary Scenario where the user would like to access a different Student Connection record.

4. The Connected User selects the desired Student record from the list of students they are connected to

5. The Connected User views the information for the selected student

This scenario ends with the Connected user viewing the information they selected.

Note: This scenario can be completed for all of the students that the Connected user has a student connection with.