Address Location (Student Address)

Identifies the location of the student's address.

Business Object Student Address
Optionality Optional
Data Format String

The Address Location is calculated by the system based on other Student Address and Address data elements.

Validation Rules

This data element is used in the following validation rules.

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User Interface Guidelines

Unless otherwise specified, this data element should adhere to the guidelines below.

Data Format Guidelines

The data element is presented based on the following conditions:

Condition Format
When Latitude and Longitude values are Blank Format as Full Address
When Latitude and Longitude values are NOT Blank Format as Latitude, Longitude

Read Only Field

When this data element is displayed it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Field Name None
Null Values Blank
Hint Text None
Security Requirements None

Editable Field

As this data element is calculated by the system, it cannot be edited by a user. It is a display only field.

Data Grid

This field does not appear in any PASIprep Data Grid.