Full Address

This calculated data element combines other Address data elements into a single string.

Business Object Address
Optionality Mandatory
Data Format String

A string representation of the address the document will be mailed to.

Business Object Document Order Item
Optionality Optional
Data Format String

The value of this data element is calculated by the system based on other Document Order Item data elements:

{Lines}, {City}, {State/Province}, {Postal Code}, {Country}


  • {Lines} is the value of Street, with each line break contained within the data element replaced using a comma and a space
  • {City} is the value of City
  • {State/Province} is the value of Province
  • {Postal Code} is the value of Postal Code
  • {Country} is the value of Country

Note: Each available element (except country) is followed by a comma and a space. If the element has not been provided it is omitted, including the comma and the space.

Validation Rules

This data element is used in the following validation rules:

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User Interface Guidelines

Unless otherwise specified, this data element should adhere to the guidelines below.

Data Format Guidelines

When this data element is presented, it should be formatted as a string.

Read Only Field

This data element is not presented as a read-only field in PASIprep.

Editable Field

This data element is not presented as an edittable field in PASIprep.

Data Grid Column

When this data element is displayed in a PASIprep Data Grid it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Column Heading Address
Column Width Auto
Filtering Style Text
Contains The formatted value of the data element.
Null Values Blank
Column Security Requirements This column is always available.
Data Security Requirements The data in this column is always available.