PASIprep Caution Item Card

This is a UI Pattern for the PASIprep UI Guidelines.

Caution Item Cards are specialized PASIprep Card Group used to display a Caution Item for a particular record.

Display Guidelines

  • Caution Item Cards should generally be displayed as the first 'content' on the screen, superceding any PASIprep Work Item Card items.
  • Unlike cards in PASIprep Card Groups, Caution Item cards have background colour to highlight its importance:
    • Caution Items background colour – Light Blue
  • A Caution Item Card will always take full width of the content space available
  • If there are multiple caution items they are sorted by Last Updated Date/Time (recent to oldest)
  • Each card shows a single Caution Item in the following manner:
    • Important is shown as the ‘title’ (bold body text font) as {Severity} – {Status}
    • The Description is shown in the body of the card.
    • Caution Card Items have no actions attached to them. They are for informational purposes only.