Deactivated ASN

When an Alberta Student Number is deactivated, PASI Clients can retrieve information about the ASN, but this ASN is no longer to be used and information associated to the ASN can no longer be updated. When an ASN has been deactivated, it will not be linked to another ASN. As the ASN is still accessible by PASI Clients, it will be flagged using an Is Deactivated flag.

When an ASN is deactivated, schools and authorities will no longer be associated to the ASN and therefore will not be able to update information associated to the ASN based on Rule 9010 - Organization Not Associated to Student.

The PASI Core will not attempt to calculate the Validation Status for ASNs that have been Deactivated and only users associated by Ministry (Organization Association Type) will be considered associated to Deactivated ASNs.