Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI) Core is Alberta Education’s system that is responsible for collecting student course marks submitted by Alberta schools and authorities. The PASI core then takes these students course marks to calculate official marks and eligibility towards credentials.

The PASI Core is responsible for managing the data within PASI and provides the interfaces that other systems use to manage and retrieve PASI data. There are two forms of functionality offered by the PASI Core: Core Services and Core Processors.

Service Endpoints

Core Services

PASI Core Services are the interfaces that other systems use to interact with the PASI Core.

Internal Services

Core Processors

Core Processors are processes that run in the background and are responsible for asynchronous processes within PASI.

Service Level Agreements

It is expected that the Status Processor perform as follows:

  • During periods of light load - statuses are calculated in near real-time
  • During periods of medium load1) - all statuses are processed within an hour
  • During periods of heavy load2) - all statuses are processed within 8 hours

It is expected that the Official Mark Calculator calculates official marks in near real-time.

for example, during a bulk submission of a single school authority
for example, during a mark submission deadline