Get Course Enrolment Audit Events (2019)

The Get Course Enrolment Audit Events Service should be used to retrieve history of changes made to a Course Enrolment within PASI Core. Only the organizations that own the Course Enrolment will be able to retrieve Course Enrolment audit events.

This service allows the PASI Client to retrieve Course Enrolment Audit Events starting with the 2018 Service Endpoint & 2019 Service Endpoint1), by passing in the Course Enrolment RefId.

Service Request Information

The information provided as part of the Get Course Enrolment Audit event request includes the following:

Service Validation

Service Functionality

Course Enrolment information for each version of the record (including the current version of the record) identified in the request will be retrieved from the PASI Core and returned in the response.

Request Mapping

The request information on the two service endpoints are the same.

Response Mapping

Service Response Information

The response will contain one or more versions of the Course Enrolment record including associated Course Enrolment Audit Event details recorded in PASI Core. The following information will be included in the response for each course enrolment version returned:

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for the previous endpoints, refer to Get Course Enrolment Audit Events (2017)