Submit Operational Control Schedule

This service is used to manage operational control schedule in the PASI Core. This service can be used to:

  • Add a new operational control schedule,
  • Update an existing operational control schedule, or
  • Delete an existing operational control schedule.

This service used to manage one operational control schedule at a time.


The service can be accessed by systems with the PASI System User role.

Request Information

Request Validations

Service Functionality

PASI will determine if the record being submitted is new, or is an update to an existing record and the information will be recorded within the PASI Core.


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing including the auditing of Caller Information.

Describe how the service updates are audited. For example: “All changes are captured in shadow tables.”

Response Information

A response to a Submit Operational Control Schedule request identifies which records were successfully updated. For any records that are not updated successfully, the response identifies which validation rules failed.

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