Submit Parent Guardian (2018 End Point and Earlier)

This service is used to submit Parent/Guardian information for a student.

This version of the service is available starting with the 2018 Service Endpoint1).


The service can be accessed by systems with the Submit Student User role.

The organization submitting this request, must be associated to the related student By Ministry, By Student Creation, By Current School Enrolment or By Last School Enrolment.

Request Information


When called, the request is validated by applying the following validation rules:

If the request is not valid, the request is rejected and the rejection reasons are included in the response.

If the request is valid, the request information is mapped to the request information for the current Submit Parent Guardian service (the following applies to both Mailing Address and Physical Address of Parent/Guardian.):

Call Submit Parent Guardian service passing original information passed into this service along with mapped information, for the further processing.

Response Information

A response to this service returns:

  • Alberta Student Number
  • Parent/Guardian Reference ID

A successful response also includes:

  • PASI Core Version of the Student

An unsuccessful response als includes:

  • A list of Rejections including:
    • Rejection Error Number
    • Rejection Message
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for the current version of this service, refer to Submit Parent Guardian