Submit Parent Guardian

This service is used to submit Parent/Guardian information for a student.

This version of the service is available starting with the 2019 Service Endpoint1).


The service can be accessed by systems with the Submit Student User role.

Request Information

Validation Rules

The information submitted is validated against the following rules:

If the information is successfully validated, the PASI Core will store the information and assign the student an ASN which will be returned in the response.


Health Version Updates

Validation Status Triggers

myPass Connections updates

If the Parent/Guardian Expiry Date Override is provided, then this may result in a change to the Parent/Guardian Expiry Date of the Parent/Guardian record. If there is an existing non-deleted, non-expired ParentGuardian (myPass Connection Type) for this Parent/Guardian, then the myPass Connection Expiry Date is updated as follows:

Response Information

A response to a Submit Parent Guardian request identifies which records were successfully updated. For any records that were not successfully updated, the response identifies which validation rules failed.

for the current version of this service, refer to Submit Parent Guardian (2018 End Point and Earlier)