Parent/Guardian Expiry Date

This is the date the Parent/Guardians are no longer associated to the student. This is a calculated field and it is a read only field.

Data Format Date

Expiry Date Calculation logic

The Expiry Date of the Parent/Guardian record will be the lesser of the following 2 dates:

Business Object References

This Calculated Property is used in the following business objects:

Validation Rule References

Functional References

User Interface Guidelines

Unless otherwise specified, this data element should adhere to the guidelines below.

Data Format Guidelines

When this data element is presented, it should be formatted as Date.

1) , 8)
i.e. Is Active = Y
i.e. the Information Disclosure Restriction does not have an Expiry Date
i.e. the Parent/Guardian record does not contain an Override Expiry Date
4) , 10)
Birth Date + 18 years
i.e. the Information Disclosure Restrction was last updated on or before the student's 18th birthday
Birth Date + 19 years
The student does not have an active Student Over 18 with Guardian Information Disclosure Restriction
The student does not have an active Independent Student Under 18 Information Disclosure Restriction