Get Immunization Program Student Information

This service will allow Alberta Health and Wellness to obtain updates to student information for the purposes of managing their immunization program.

This service is only available on the new 2017 Alberta Health End Point.


The service can be accessed by systems with the Alberta Health User role.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service:

Request Validations

The following rules are used to validate the information provided in the request:

  • None

Service Functionality

The service will return a list of up to 1000 Student records (in version order) who:

For the selected students (based on the above criteria), the list of school enrolments are returned. Excluding, the School Enrolments that:

Response Information

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Only returned when the student is under 18 years of age and the student does not have an active 'Independent Under 18' disclosure restriction within PASI
Only provided if the expiry date of the parent/guardian is empty or is in the future
If the parent/guardian record has the same home number as the student, then the student's home phone number is returned. In these situations, the student phone number being returned is either: If the parent/guardian record does not have the same home number as the student, the the value of the parent/guardian record is returned.
only provided when the student is deemed to be an Independent Student, and the phone number has an expiry date that is empty or is in the future