The digits that are entered in order to dial a Phone Number.

Data Format String (16)
  • Phone numbers must be captured using numeric characters [0-9] with an optional prefix of + to indicate international numbers. No other characters are supported.
  • Numbers with leading 0 or 1 are not supported.
  • Area Code and Number are mandatory, Country Code may be captured if applicable.
  • International numbers outside of the NANP1) shall require a country code and must be prefixed with + in accordance with section 7.1 of the ITU-T E.1232) recommendation for international phone numbers. See Appendix B - North American Numbering Plan for a list of the countries currently participating in the NANP.
  • The country code (1) for countries within the NANP2 must not be included in the phone number.
  • A minimum of 10 characters and a maximum of 16 characters are supported.
  • International Direct Dialing (IDD)3) and National Direct Dialing(NDD)4) prefixes must not be captured as a part of the phone number.
Valid Examples
  • 4035551234
  • +441235551234
Invalid Examples
  • 403-555-5555
  • (403) 555-5555
  • 14035551234
  • 011441235551234
  • 4035551234+1234

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User Interface Guidelines

Unless otherwise specified, this data element should adhere to the guidelines below.

Data Format Guidelines

When this data element is presented, it should be formatted as a string.

Read Only Field

When this data element is displayed it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Field Name Number
Null Values N/A
Hint Text None
Security Requirements None

Editable Field

When this data element is available to be edited, a General Input Control should be used as outlined below:

Field Name Number
Mandatory? Yes
Data Type Alphanumeric
Default Value The existing value if available. Otherwise there is no default.
Null Value Blank
Hint Text None
Security Requirements None

Data Grid Column

When this data element is displayed in a PASIprep Data Grid it should adhere to the following guidelines:

Column Heading Number
Column Width Auto
Filtering Style Text
Contains The formatted value of the data element.
Null Values N/A
Column Security Requirements This column is always available.
Data Security Requirements The data in this column is always available.
North American Numbering Plan -
International Telecommunication Union Notation for national and international telephone numbers -
The International Direct Dialing prefix is needed to dial an international number directly rather than using an operator. The call is made by dialing the international call prefix for the originating country, followed by the country code of the number being dialed. e.g. Canada to UK 011 44 555 555 5555
The National Direct Dialing prefix is used to make a long distance call within the same country. e.g. Calgary to Edmonton 1 780 555 5555