Rule 11365 - Student Address Mismatch

Rule Type Advice

Validated Data


This rule is checking the student's Current Mailing Address and comparing it to the Parent/Guardian Mailing Address Details or Parent/Guardian Physical Address Details where the “is residing with” flag is true.

For example, if the student is residing with one or more parent/guardians, one of the mailing or physical addresses must match the student's Current Mailing Address. If no match is found, an advice is raised.

This rule applies to non-expired - non-deleted parent guardian records.

If this advice exists for a parent/guardian record and the record is deleted or the record expires - this advice needs to be removed.

If both student and parent do not have an address - do not fire this rule.

If Has Same Mailing Address as Student is True or Parent/Guardian Physical Address Source is equal to ‘StudentMailingAddress’, then do not fire this rule.

Address Matching

When comparing the related to address against the student’s address, both the related to address and the student address are normalized to assist with the comparison:

  • Any leading, trailing, or repeated spaces are removed from each element of the address
  • Any # or ° characters are removed from each element of the address
  • Accents from each element of the address are removed
  • Each element of the address is converted to lower case
  • Each element of the address is split based on punctuation and whitespace
  • Abbreviations are normalized (e.g. avenue to ave)

Country, Postal Code, Province, City, and Street details all need to be the same in order for the address to be considered a match.

Include the following as needed:

  • Effective for all school years.

Note: Address Matching logic was implemented in 6.1 for feature 1557

Additional Notes

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When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Student Address Mismatch. The student's address does not match any of the parent/guardian addresses that the student resides with.

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Change History

  • Release 6.2 - Created
  • Release 7.04 (F7843) - Updated
  • Release 7.09 (F7856) - Updated

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