Student Status Processor

This Student Status Processor is responsible for identifying issues with Student information. See Status Processor for an overview of this processor's functionality.

The Student Status Processor selects students for processing that are either active or which have been created in the past 24 hours.

Validation Rules

This status processor process the following Validation Rules broken down by business area*:

Business Area Validation Rules
Disclosure Restriction
(shown on record)
Disclosure Restriction
(shown on Personal Profile)
Phone Number
Email Address
myPass Connection
Parent Guardian
Student Document

The following rule is also part of the processor but is not tied to a particular area of the student:

Change History

  • R9.03 F10810 - update
shown on Student Documents
where any rules are added which relate directly to a student (they'll be displayed with a student document), the work item indicator logic needs to be updated to consider outstanding core alerts for the following pages: View Student - Student Documents Tab (indicator on the tab on left of screen and indicator within the grid), View Student Document Details - Metadata Tab and Flag Documents for QA screen.