Rule 65010 - Too Many Relevant Documents

Rule Type Warning

Validated Data


This rule checks that there is one or zero Student Document marked as relevant for each Document Type where the definition says the type cannot having multiple relevant documents.

The warning will appear a maximum of once on the student for each document type.

Note: Student document record(s) should not be considered for this rule when the scheduled disposal date is less than or equal to today's date and/or the record is deleted.  The scan date will ensure the rule is re-evaluated when a document is scheduled to be disposed and the warning may be cleared.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Too Many Relevant Documents. The Document Type ({Documentname}) cannot have more than one relevant document on the student.


  • {Documentname} is the document name the user has selected to add/update

Applies To

Change History

  • Release 6.04 - Created
  • Release 6.05 - change document type to document name