Updated as part of F9663 - CF

Next Scan Date

  • The Next Scan Date is set by validation rules where the validation result may change based on the passage of time and will cause the specific Status Processor for this record to run on the Next Scan Date.
  • Given that a rule may be dependent on whether a date is today, in the future, or in the past, it may pass when the date is today or in the future, but will fail when the date is in the past.
  • On occasion, the Next Scan Date may not be set even if the rule fails – for example for student address records that are no longer active as is the case for Rule 11013 - Invalid Postal Code.
  • As part of status processing, if more than one validation rule needs to set a Next Scan Date, the earliest Next Scan Date is used to set the data element.
  • In the case where a Next Scan Date for a validation rule would be calculated to be too far in the future (i.e. more than 100 years), the Next Scan Date will be calculated to be the current date + 100 years.
Business Object Validation Status
Optionality Optional
Data Format Date

Validation Rules