Submit Student Disclosure Restriction

This service is used to manage an Information Disclosure Restriction record for a Student in PASI. This service can be used to:

  • Add a new Information Disclosure Restriction,
  • Update an existing Information Disclosure Restriction, or
  • Delete an existing Information Disclosure Restriction.

By submitting this information, the student’s information will be considered sensitive, and PASI Clients will be required to demonstrate that end users viewing information about students with Information Disclosure Restrictions are aware of this status.


The service can be accessed by systems with the Submit Student User role.

Request Information

Request Validations

Service Functionality

Once the information is successfully validated, the information will be recorded within the PASI Core.

Inactivating Disclosure Restrictions

When a disclosure restriction is deleted it also made inactive (Information Disclosure Restriction Is Active = 0).

Health Version Updates

The PASI Core Version (Student Health Version) for the student will be updated if the submission changes whether or not the student is deemed to be an Independent Student. In other words:

  • The student is not yet 18 years of age, and
  • The submission is for a Disclosure Restriction with a type of Independent Student under 18, and
  • The submission creates a new Disclosure Restriction or changes whether or not an existing Disclosure Restriction Is Active.

Status Processor Triggers

Where any Information Disclosure Restriction record values have changed on the Primary ASN for the Student, the Submit Student Disclosure Restriction service creates the following status processor triggers:

Since this service is available to the SIS vendors the functionality of the service ensures that any active 3rd party student connections are suspended when an active disclosure restriction is submitted.

myPass Connections Updates

When an information disclosure restriction of with a Information Disclosure Restriction Code = Caution (Student Disclosure Restriction) or CourtOrdered (Student Disclosure Restriction).


In addition, when an information disclosure restriction of any Information Disclosure Restriction Code is Provided or Updated, then re-calculate Parent/Guardian Expiry Date. If there is a change to Parent/Guardian Expiry Date and this Parent/Guardian has an associated non-deleted and non-expired ParentGuardian (myPass Connection Type), then the myPass Connection Expiry Date is updated as follows:

Response Information

A response to a Submit Student Disclosure Restriction Status request identifies if the request was successfully applied. If not successful, the response identifies which validation rules failed. A successful response to this service will also include: