Rule 11116 - Invalid Disclosure Restriction Effective Date

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data

This rule is used to validate the following data in a Information Disclosure Restriction record:

To perform this validation, the following information is used:


For information disclosure restrictions of type “Student Over 18 with Guardian”, the effective date of the disclosure restriction must be equal to or greater than the student's 18th birthday.

This rule should not fail for records that are being deleted.

This validation rule is in effect for all school years.

Additional Notes

This rule will only be applied to disclosure restrictions with a status of 'active'.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

Invalid Disclosure Restriction Effective Date. For disclosure restriction of type 'Student Over 18 with Guardian' the effective date must be equal to or greater than the student's 18th birthday ({student's 18th birthday}).


  • {Student's 18th birthday} is the student's Birth Date + 18 years.

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Change History

  • Release 6.09 (F6669) - Added

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