Get Diploma Exam Mark Audit Events

The Get Diploma Exam Marks Audit Events Service should be used to retrieve history of changes made to (Diploma) Exam Marks within PASI Core.

Users will only be able to view exam mark audit history for students they are associated to, or where the user is associated to the Writing Centre that owns 1) one of the diploma exam mark component records for the diploma exam mark.


This Get Exam Marks Audit Events service can be accessed by systems with the View Transcript User role.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service:

Request Validations

The following rules are used to validate the information provided in the request:

Service Functionality

Exam Mark information for each version of the record (including the current version of the record) identified in the request will be retrieved from the PASI Core and returned in the response.


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing.

Response Information

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