Submit Student Record Document

The Submit Student Record Document service is used to manage Student Document information in the PASI Core.

This service can be used to:

  • Add a new Student Document, metadata and image,
  • Update existing Student Document’s metadata, or
  • Delete an existing Student Document.

This service can only be used to manage a single record at the same time


The service can be accessed by systems with the Submit Student Document User role.

Access is validated in alignment with the action being performed as outlined in the “Adding a new Record,” “Updating an Existing Record” or “Deleting an Existing Record” sections of the Student Document Data Access Rules.

Request Information

Request Validations

The following rules are used to validate the information provided in the request:

Service Functionality

To ensure that the Document Images in the Student Document Image table, are not readable in production by those users that have access to the PASI production database but not to Student Document Image data, the service uses the Ae.Security.DataProtect function to encrypt/decrypt document images.

Disposal Override Date

When a Student Document is submitted PASI will determine the Disposal Override Date based on the Document Type and Student Document Date.


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing including the auditing of Caller Information.

Describe how the service updates are audited. For example: “All changes are captured in shadow tables.”

Flagging Documents for QA

If the submission of a new document results in the QA ratio no longer being met for the document type within the submitting organizaion, the document will be flagged for Quality Assurance.

Updating Relevant Field

When no other data has been changed except for the ‘Only relevant document for the document type’ field:

1) If ‘Only relevant document for the document type’ is set to “Yes” then the update will be sent to the Submit Student Record Document (2019 End Point and Prior) service to be processed.

2) If ‘Only relevant document for the document type’ is set to “No” or blank, then, Rule 9023 - Empty Update will be triggered and the message suppressed.

Matching Documents to Document Images

To help match documents during synchronization/reconciliation between PASI and an integrated solution, this service generates and writes a Document Image Hash value that can be used to validate if the relevant images are the same, without the need download entire image.

Student Status Processor Trigger

If a document that is being submitted is from the Identity (Document Category), a Student Status Processor Trigger occurs for the Student associated to the document.

Student School Enrolment Status Processor Trigger

If a Student Document that is being submitted has a Document Type of Progress Report/Report Card or Annual Summary of Attendance, a Student School Enrolment Status Processor Trigger is created for each School Enrolment that meets all of the following criteria:

Response Information

The following information is returned after a successful request has been processed:

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  • Release 9.03 - F10583
  • Release 9.02 - F11309