Get Diploma Exam Rescore Request

This service is used to retrieve Diploma Exam Rescore Requests in PASI Core. This service can be used to:

  1. Retrieve information about a Diploma Exam Rescore Request from the PASI Core, and
  2. Obtain updates about a Diploma Exam Rescore Request from the PASI Core as part of the Is Data Available data synchronization processes.

This request can be completed for a specific Diploma Exam Rescore Request or a list of diploma Exam rescore requests.


The service can be accessed by systems with the Ministry Client User role.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service is a list of:

Request Validations

There are no validations performed on the service request.

Service Functionality

Information for the identified diploma exam rescore requests in the request will be retrieved from the PASI Core and returned in the response. If a list of records has been requested, they will be processed in the order provided.

  • To support IsDataAvailable, all rescore requests are loaded into the cache.
  • The reference id of the rescore request is the reference of the exam mark. There can be only one rescore request for a given exam mark.
  • The data notification type is ExamRescoreRequest and no school year is provided.
  • The GetDiplomaExamRescoreRequest service follows the same pattern as other “get” services that are used in conjunction with IsDataAvailable. Namely the service takes in a list of reference ids and versions and returns a list of responses with each response having an Availability Status (as opposed to a list of rejections.) The Availability Status indicates whether the data the client requested was found and if the client has access to the data. The reference id is the reference of the rescore request which is the same as the reference id of the exam mark. The version is the version of the rescore request (not the exam mark.)

Response Information