Diploma Exam Rescore Request Status

Status of the Diploma Exam Rescore Request

Data Format A valid Rescore Request Status code value

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Rescore Request Statuses

Each Rescore Request has a status that is determined based on the following factors:

The following diagram displays the status flow of a rescore request:


Status Definitions

Rescore Request StatusDescription

The rescore request has been created, but at least one of the following has not been completed:

  • Payment has not been received, and payment is required (i.e. Payment Status is not “Payment Waived”)
  • Consent is required and has not been received.

The Diploma Exam Mark Rescore Result will not be released to the student if a Request is in this state.

RequestedThe rescore request is ready for processing – indicating that it has been created, paid for and authorization has been received, if needed. Assessment will release the Diploma Exam Mark Rescore Result to the student once it is available.
CancelledThe rescore request was created, but has been cancelled by the Ministry.
RescoredThe rescore of the diploma exam identified in the rescore request has been completed and the Diploma Exam Mark Rescore Result for the student has been provided to PASI.

Status Calculation

The following table documents how a Diploma Exam Rescore Request Status is determined. Note that the statuses are listed in the order of priority (i.e. while a Request may satisfy the conditions for both the Cancelled status and Requested status, the Cancelled status will be used as it is of higher priority):

ConditionsResulting Rescore Status
1Request cancelled manually by Admin userCancelled
2Request tied to an Exam Mark where IsRescored=trueRescored
3Payment Status = “Payment Not Received”Incomplete
4Payment Status = “Payment Pending”Incomplete
5Consent Status = “Not ReceivedIncomplete
6–everything else—Requested

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