Add Diploma Exam Rescore Request

The Add Diploma Exam Rescore Request PASIprep screen allows a Ministry user with the appropriate permissions to add a new Diploma Exam Rescore Request for a specific diploma exam mark. This will replace the myPass Add/Modify Rescore Request screen. When an Admin user is creating a rescore request, they can enter all information at that time OR only partial information:

  • User enters only Requested By and saves the request.
  • User enters Requested By, Payment and saves the request.
  • User enters Requested By, Consent and saves the request.
  • User enters all information (Requested By, Payment and Consent) before saving the request

Security Requirements

PASIprep users must have the PASIprep Level 35 Permission - Manage Diploma Exam Rescores to access this page. If the security requirements are not met, user will be denied access and will see an error, as defined in the PASIprep UI Guidelines.

Page Actions


When selected, this action will take the user back to the page they came in from with no rescore request changes saved. This action is always available when the user can get to this screen.


When selected, validation will be completed (the validations on the Submit Diploma Exam Rescore Request service (It’s assumed that this service is to be used to create the record as is done today in myPass). If the validation is successful, a rescore request record will be created for the exam mark based on the user’s input as follows:

On successful save of the rescore request record, the user is returned to the View Diploma Exam Mark Rescore Request tab with the newly created record visible. This action is always available when the user can access this screen.

Data Sub-Sections

The fields described in the next section are to be included within the appropriate sub-section (as outlined within the mockup above). The sub-sections to be included on the screen are as follows:

  • Exam Information
  • Diploma Exam Rescore Request Information
  • Payment Information
  • Consent Information

Data Fields

Field NameDescriptionEditable
Exam CourseThe Course Code of the Exam associated to the Exam Mark in context. This field is read-only. The format “{Course Description} ({Course Code})” should be used.No
Exam School YearDisplays the School Year of the Diploma Exam related to the Diploma Exam Mark recordNo
Exam PeriodDisplays the Exam Period of the Diploma Exam related to the Diploma Exam Mark record.No
Received MethodThis is the Rescore Request Received Method for the Rescore Request. When creating a new Request through this screen, it is automatically set to “Manual Request Form” and is read-only.No
Fee RequiredThis is the Amount Required for the request.This is defaulted to $25.00 + GST (GST rate is a configurable value in PASI). It will be saved as the Fee Amount Required and GST Due in the request.No
Amount CollectedThis is the Fee Amount Collected for the request.
The Amount Collected must equal the Amount Required value and is based on the Payment Method provided:
If the Payment Method provided is Waived/Not Applicable, the value will be $0.00.
Otherwise, the value will match the Amount Required.
If no Payment Method provided, the value will be $0.00.
Payment MethodDisplays “Other” where “Payment Received” = Yes or waived. Where Payment Received = N, this field displays as blankNo
Fee RequiredDefaults to $25.00 + GST.No
Requested ByThe Rescore Requestor Name on the Rescore Request. Text field allowing user to enter the requestor specified on the rescore request form.Yes
Payment Reference IDThis is the Rescore Payment ID for the payment received for the request.
Field defaults to blank.
Where Payment Received = Yes, this field is mandatory.
Where Payment Received = Waived, this field is available for entry, but optional.
Where Payment Received = No, this field is not available for entry.
Payment Received?Dropdown containing the following values:
Yes, No, Waived.
Allows the user to specify where a payment has been received. In the context of an “Add” from an Admin perspective, selecting Yes will always indicate that manual payment has been received.
Where Yes or Waived are selected, the Payment Reference ID field will no longer be greyed out.
Consent Received?Dropdown containing the Rescore Consent Status value of “Received” and “Not Received”. Defaults to “Not Received”.Yes