Diploma Exam Rescore Management

Part of the Diploma Exam Conceptual Overview.

When Student receives an Exam Mark with at least one Diploma Exam Mark Component record that has a Mark Value, they may request for a Diploma Exam Mark Rescore.

Currently, Assessment coordinates the rescore efforts for <1000 Diploma Diploma Exam Rescore Requests each year. These requests are received by Assessment via:

  • Paper requests (funneled into Assessment via Student Records or directly received by Assessment)

Exam Rescore Requests

Diploma Exam Rescore Requests can be managed on myPass where Students/Connected 3rd Parties and Ministry can:

  • Request and pay for a rescore request online by credit card
  • View the current status of their rescore request
  • Access and reprint the Consent form
  • View their request and access their receipt
  • Admin users (Assessment) may update and cancel the rescore request
  • Admin users may also identify the rescore requests that qualify for a refund

See Diploma Exam Mark Rescore Process for details on the overall rescore request process.

Rescore Payment Statuses

The Diploma Exam Rescore Request Payment Status is used to track the status of the payment for the request.

The Diploma Exam Rescore Request Consent Status is used to track the consent process for each Rescore Request.

Rescore Request Statuses

The following summarizes the relationship between Diploma Exam Rescore Request Payment Status, Diploma Exam Rescore Request Consent Status and Diploma Exam Rescore Request Status:

Request StatusPayment StatusConsent StatusBusiness Condition
IncompletePayment Pending-Any-EPS2 Payment processing has begun but has not completed.
Payment Not Received-Any-EPS2 Payment process has been initiated and has not completed successfully OR

A ministry created rescore request where no payment details have been entered.

Payment WaivedNot ReceivedAssessment waived the fee but consent has not been provided. (The rescore request is waiting for authorization).
Payment ReceivedNot ReceivedThe payment has been received but the public user has not submitted the consent that is required.

This is the most common case when a request has just been created in myPass and is still in the Incomplete status.

RequestedPayment WaivedReceived OR Not RequiredAssessment waived the fee, and consent was received
Payment ReceivedReceived OR Not RequiredThe payment has been received and consent was received
CancelledAnyAnyRescore request was cancelled manually by Assessment. Note the payment may have been received, but it is non-refundable in this scenario
RescoredPayment Received OR Payment WaivedReceived OR Not RequiredRescore request was completed and the Diploma Exam Mark Rescore Result was submitted to PASI for the Exam Mark the Request was for.