myPass is a component of the PASI that provides a secure self-service website that offer access to the student’s information.

The goal for myPass is to move towards a self-service approach where students can perform more on-line processes, e.g. request a transcript through a web based application. The high-level goals and desired outcomes for myPass include:

  • Maximize the capabilities available to the student
  • Accessible through many devices (desktop, mobile, handheld)
  • Able to produce and share information using a mechanism that is secure and can be trusted externally (e.g. secured PDF documents)
  • Provide a mechanism for the maintenance of personal information for students that are no longer active within the education system. Note: If the student is actively engaged in the education system, then student information management is the responsibility of the school and not available within myPass.

The vision for PASI is to enhance the delivery of education by providing the right information to the right people at the right time. In the context of myPass:

  • “right information” equates to information that is of interest to students themselves. This includes the information available on the DAR and the Transcript
  • “right people” equates to the students along with their parents/guardians. Due to the nature of the information available via myPass, High School Students (and their parents/guardians) are the primary focus for myPass.
  • “right time” equates to anytime the “right people” decide they want access



myPass users are able to:

To view the navigational structure of myPass please refer to the myPass Site Map.

Functionality - Admin

myPass Admin users are able to:

Other myPass Information

myPass UI Guidelines, Data Format Guidelines and myPass Analytics

Data Access Rules

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myPass Internal Services

Service Level Agreements

It is expected that myPass:

  • Utilize responsive design of screens.
  • Must be scalable. For example additional resources can be brought on line and the solution will be able to utilize them to provide increased capacity.
  • Support multiple devices (mobile, desktops, tablets, etc.).
  • Be compliant with ministry web standards.
  • Support Web Accessibility standards (
  • Enforce that all communication must be encrypted.
  • Provide 99.9% availability1) outside of scheduled outage windows.
  • Response times on pages must be less than 750ms 80% of the time from the time PASI receives the request to the time it returns a response.

Browser Support

myPass is designed for the latest mainstream internet browsers; the following are the recommended browsers for myPass:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Safari

If a user is using an unsupported browser to access myPass, then they will receive the following notification:

It is recommended that one of the supported browsers is used to ensure the user can access all the features of myPass.

Note: The browser version detection algorithm is shared between myPass and PASIprep but the unsupported browser message is rendered differently between these applications.

myPass URLs per Environment

See wikipedia for more details